Thursday, February 9, 2012


So today i started with my first welding lesson. I loved it. a lot to remember just with the glasses, the hood, the ear protection since someone else in the shop was using a power hammer, and tying back my hair before i even lifted the torch!

a good morning!

Doug explaining how the metal heats and burns and sparks in oxygen

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MOVING IN and today at the blacksmith forge, making

Jim, my general contractor, setting the fire place flame at the new house

settling in but not moved in yet

bathroom with gorgeous print by Georgiana Nehl, head of drawing dept. at OCAC

i love my kitchen, plenty of storage

the house feels spacious with all the glass and the high ceiling even though it is a small house

I am making a metal piece to surround the fireplace, here is a cardboard template

I'm working with Blacksmith Doug Wilson who lives here on the island

Doug in his shop

working the metal, a rusted sheet of thin steel from an old oil furnace

Doug showed me how to pound out the bumps and wrinkles

I sawed strips to be riveted together, the reverse side is pale blue with lots of rust. it will have a folded edge