Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend notes

Lalena  and Kevin find me at the river

Starting to resurface and transform 13 Grandmothers painting into RIVERAIN

from my wall, apple rootstock in background, Lalena on tractor

Some of my studies from the farm

I think of these as samplers, they are natural bundled objects in recesses

beginning to bundle tree sections & other objects to insert in RIVERAIN series


Lalena Dolby on rope swing at he estuary... whose farm i will visit in late Nov. to observe for my work

best image of Cascade Head & the Salmon River

Thursday, October 27, 2011

reworking paintings as a way to change the energy

I love those rocks on the far side of the estuary, today's walk, full sun!

today's FOOTNOTE

on my walk i decided to change this WATER PRAYER piece, done after the oil spill. I want to transform the energy

The lower half i painted bright blue and will next cover it with the limestone clay.i will make a regrowth forest in the niche

I learned to use the ban saw today to cut my trees, next i will begin bundling them. i am loving my small bundled samplers. i'll photograph them and post

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mussels at ROAD'S END..very low tide

Road's End Beach, one of the most beautiful ever

especially at sunset

Mindy, Ernie & Taylor are our Sitka guides in the mussel beds

the awe of it

harvesting west coast mussels for a feast at Mindy's

Mindy made me a g- free yummy treat

Weekend trip to Rowboat Gallery, mussels for dinner, fresh, hand picked

Tom visited me over the weekend, he cooked up some of the mushrooms people have been harvesting

We visited my gallery in Pacific City, Judith explains how these round sea objects are formed by wave action

Two of my 24" paintings

Thursday, October 20, 2011

SITKA 'S ART INVITATIONAL...please join us

Sitka Art Invitational link


where i am in the Pacific North Westresidency

here's a link to Blu

Blu Homes
crane moves clearstory wall into place, house faces south for solar gain& uses all  green technology.
Jim Cust , my General Contractor, son Ian, J. Fred Woell, my husband, Siri Beckman, local artist,   Rebecca Reber of Blu, Dick Kane filmaker .
roof panels are lowered onto house before rain which threatened all day
wall is set with clearstory facing north
house is held in place with metal brackets attached to the foundation
East side of building, sunlight basement

YESTERDAY IN MAINE my Blu home arrived, a circus

the house being unfolded

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

I have a tee shirt on with Franks crows that i bought years ago, my favorite painting shirt. Frank says they are collectors items now, of course i cut out the neck and the sleeves. it was warm enough today for sleeveless! Frank has some treasured mushrooms in that bag that he collected today.
Weekends the estuary gets very busy, i was fascinated by the kayakers lined up here, receiving instruction. they seem to take the boats out into the turbulent mouth  of the estuary and surf the waves in. some seemed to be having fun rolling their boats
Our tour on the spit and to the top of the meadow at Westwind. Melany Berry  was our guide. the other residents are Kurt Fausch of Colorado State University, a biologist who studies streams, Susan D'Amato of Syracuse University Drawing dept., and  writer Dianne Cook.
This is Cascade Head, directly above the mouth of the Salmon River Estuary and the Pacific. I have been hiking daily and went up to the meadow a few daus ago. one day we were taken on a guided walk, across to the spit and thru westwind, a summer facility. We walked for 6 hours! I made it!!!!!!!!
Frank Boyden , founder of the Sitka Center chats with Susan D'Amato. Frank has been delivering amazing  food that he has caught or foraged including Salmon and a variety of mushrooms. A generous nature!
i've made it here to Sitka finally, i am in bliss
Cascade Head trail
On the estuary in front of one of the 3 rocks

welcome to sitka

this is where i will be living for the next 3 1/2 months
fishing & crabbing on the estuary