Friday, May 4, 2012

Blu Homes sent a fil crew to document my project

Film crew , Debra Longo & Nikki arrive with Don along to see Maine

 Debra Long who heads up this small  but competent video crew. they are documenting my downsizing  project for their website at Blu Homes.. my home is the Element
This is Nikki who shoots their videos

We spent an amazing day together. such kindred souls, film makers working with Jim Heaney, co founder of Blu Homes who makes documentaries about important issues of the day such a mountain top removal and water scarcity. Our conversations ranged all over the environmental/ political spectrum

Sunday, March 11, 2012


KITCHEN area with some of my paintings added

My mother's hope chest, a hand made quilt from kentucky and my painting that was in the I 95 triennial last year

Andrew, my son made this table from a discarded piano lid, a foundry circle and precious wood scraps which he had saved. I love it. It is just the right scale for a small house. Fred's sculpture , Dear Dad , etc.

Bedroom, with the big sliders the small room seems large. Byron, my excavation contractor saved me lots of wonderful boulders when he dug the cellar. They are placed round the land

reflected in Georgiana's wonderful print

the woman who is selling the farm house for us  visited and brought me a beautiful orchid. i love the contrast between interior and exterior

Living room area mostly finished

You can see the contours of the land here directly east with pond at the bottom of the ravine. My friends were helping me yesterday with some cutting and clearing. a fire pit will go in the lower area left of the Norwegian Maple

Thursday, February 9, 2012


So today i started with my first welding lesson. I loved it. a lot to remember just with the glasses, the hood, the ear protection since someone else in the shop was using a power hammer, and tying back my hair before i even lifted the torch!

a good morning!

Doug explaining how the metal heats and burns and sparks in oxygen

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MOVING IN and today at the blacksmith forge, making

Jim, my general contractor, setting the fire place flame at the new house

settling in but not moved in yet

bathroom with gorgeous print by Georgiana Nehl, head of drawing dept. at OCAC

i love my kitchen, plenty of storage

the house feels spacious with all the glass and the high ceiling even though it is a small house

I am making a metal piece to surround the fireplace, here is a cardboard template

I'm working with Blacksmith Doug Wilson who lives here on the island

Doug in his shop

working the metal, a rusted sheet of thin steel from an old oil furnace

Doug showed me how to pound out the bumps and wrinkles

I sawed strips to be riveted together, the reverse side is pale blue with lots of rust. it will have a folded edge

Sunday, January 22, 2012

another thing we do, Stonington , Maine last night

Winterfest last night over Jim, Robin & Ian Cust's Stonington  home. Jim , if you remember is my fabulous contractor for the Blu project. Robin is a long time friend and most gifted metalsmith. Many of you have remarked on the ring I wear that Robin made, sterling, gold and forged steel all wrapped tastefully together.


Fred's winter students cast rings

Jim Cust figuring out my gas fireplace

overview of new house and out building in the distance


I have a nice parking place behind the house

Bridgette & Larken make waxes to cast into rings

Fred talks with Bridgette about finishing her silver rings

So this is what we do in winter